Learn About Conversion of Contacts from WAB to PST

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Contact storage is essential for everyone regardless of the category they fall in. Therefore, keeping contacts in an accessible format is the most important thing not just to keep in touch with people but also ensure that the workflow of business does not get disturbed, as contacts are the lifeline of most businesses. WAB files denote one such contact storage formats which belongs to a Windows based application meant for emailing, i.e. Outlook Express.

Outlook Express was the default emailing and news application provided bundled up with the earliest versions of Windows OS and Server. However, due the discontinuity of the respective Windows editions, the usability of Outlook Express also declined gradually. Later in the year 2014, Microsoft officially ended support for the client. This as a result lead users to upgrade from their former PCs to the latest Windows configuration thus, also switching clients due to the unavailability of a client supporting its data files like DBX and WAB (both belonging to Outlook Express).

Therefore, many users were observed experiencing the urge for conversion of contacts from WAB to PST, Outlook being the best option to switch to. However, the conversion was barely possible without the involvement of a commercial application due to the conflicting file structures. Windows Contacts Converter emerges as a dependable platform to rely upon to convert WAB to PST in few steps. The tool is integrated with options like contact conversion to PST as well as to spreadsheet format.

Major Steps to Be Executed During Conversion

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  1. Once you run Windows Contacts Converter, following is how the first screen would look like.
    Click on Browse button to find and load the contacts file to be converted from its location on machine.

  2. Click on Scan Contacts to unload the contacts from the file to the software interface
    Initiate Conversion
  3. Once listed, you can preview each contact with its complete information displayed on the opposite panel.
    Click on Save Contacts button for conversion of contacts from WAB file to PST.
    Contacts Converted
  4. Select the preferred PST file type (ANSI/Unicode) and click on Start Conversion to export WAB to PST format
    Initiate Conversion