Procure Complete Conversion of Contacts from WAB to XLS

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Contacts are considered as the most important assets for personal as well as professional usage. Many users maintain contacts belonging to the different applications to same database so that the contacts are managed well in same file. For this, users utilize Excel spreadsheets as it is considered as the most reliable and productive database file. For such management users also require conversion of contacts from WAB to XLS file so as to migrate contacts of Outlook Express to the MS Excel sheet. But unfortunately this conversion is not as easy as it seems.

Conducive to attain fulfillment of such requirement, Windows Contacts Converter was designed. This software is a brilliant way of to convert WAB to XLS file format in a short period of time. It focuses on delivering complete conversion of contacts and their fields. Tool is integrated with many features and also provides conversion to PST, CSV and vCard as per the choice of user. It is single panel utility and is a standalone application and does not require Outlook Express installation for the executing conversion process.

Steps to Convert WAB Contacts to XLS File

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  1. Install the tool on commence the procedure by clicking on Browse tab

  2. Add the file to convert WAB to XLS and then click on Scan Contacts
    Initiate Conversion
  3. Once the scanning procesdure ends, click on Save Contacts
    Contacts Converted
  4. To export WAB to XLS choose Excel Format option and click on Start Conversion to convert contacts in XLS format
    Initiate Conversion

Have a Look On WAB and Microsoft XLS files

WAB File : WAB is a file extension used for Windows Address Book file which is also used by the Outlook Express email client to store the contacts. It basically is component of Microsoft Windows which used this file to manage list of contacts sharable by some other programs as well. This file is created for storing the contacts separately and no other data type is saved here. It stores comprehensive contact details of personal and business information in various fields. This WAB file was soon replaced by Windows Contacts in Vista version.

XLS File : XLS file is created by spreadsheet application Microsoft Excel which is part of MS Office suite. This file is used to store information in a spreadsheet or table and hence it is highly used for storing records like contacts. XLS files can be categorized as .xls and .xlsx file. Old versions use .xls extension for the files whereas advance versions use .xlsx extension for saving files. The conversion of contacts from WAB to XLS avails in the carrying of innumerable contacts effortlessly.